Social Media Marketing

Get the most out of social media by developing a strategy that makes your content shareable, your brand relatable and your product desireable.

Social Media Marketing -Brooklyn, NY

Whether you need help with Facebook ads, a Linkedin InMail campaign, or just making sure a link to your website doesn’t look weird when someone shares it, ThinkHead Design is here to help.


The key to social media marketing is creating content that people WANT to share. Whether you want a post to be shared organically or pay for a promoted post, you customers are not interested in information that is not valuable to them. ThinkHead Design will help you develop a content plan that will provide value to your customers and help you achieve your objectives.


Social media marketing shouldn’t be viewed as some kind of intangible service that your company should invest in “just because everyone else is doing it”. Social media is a marketing channel, like any other. We integrate advanced analytics into our websites which will show you exactly how many website visitors came from social media, helping you determine if the ROI is worth the effort.

Right Platform

Not all social media channels work for every kind of business. A plummer is unlikely to find new customers on LinkedIn and an attorney in unlikely to get a good ROI on Instagram. ThinkHead Design will help you devise a strategy that fits the platform. Our advanced analytics will help you easily determine which social media channel is working most effectively, saving you time and money.

Social Media Marketing is About Engagement

The social media marketing is all about engagement. We will help you produce and promote great content so customers will want to read and share it.

Your Ad, On The Right Platform

When done correctly, social media networks still provide the best value available for advertisers. It also provides some of the worst value available if the ads are not appropriate for the platform. ThinkHead Design will help you create ads and promoted content that will get you cheaper, more relevant clicks and maximize your ROI.

Compelling Design Gets Clicks

Social media is probably the most visual marketing channel. It is more difficult than ever to create content that will stand out from the crowd. We use our years of experience to design some of the most compelling content so your brand will not get lost amongst the noise.    


Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

We have streamlined our workflow to turn wesbite design, build and optimization around in record time.

You shouldn't have to wait around for months for a website. We aim to turn around most projects in a matter of weeks.

Project Research

Websites optimized for success from the ground up.


Modern responsive designs. Style and substance.


We use WordPress for ease of customization and robust security.


Design, development and optimization working as one.

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